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Our Story

Just good food with friends

Welcome to Hush, we are a husband (Tommy) and wife (Donny) team. 

A quick back ground about us. We were originally from Manhattan, NYC and we moved to Columbus, Ohio to start our little family. Combined we have decades of food and beverage industry experience. We have a small portfolio of restaurants from American, Asian dessert shops, sushi to Japanese steakhouses. 

Newly Texans, we both reside in Keller, Tx with our two amazing daughters that are currently attending KISD. 

Everything about Hush Tommy and I have created together. We have stories for every design you see when you visit our restaurant. Anywhere from tablewares, wall tiles, light fixtures and even our Hush logo. We have put together the menus from all of our favorite dishes we have enjoyed with our friends and family. Many of our family recipes played a huge role in creating the dishes!

We're excited to bring our Hush dream to a reality for everyone to enjoy!

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